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It is widely known that credit rating is used by companies in order to be able to asses the risks involved with granting somebody a loan. When borrowing money there will always be some form of application to complete. Lenders use the information you complete on the form, together with your credit record, to decide whether they will lend you money. In this situation, when on a bad credit rating and trying to get a decent mortgage, it will surely not be easy and even more, visiting high street institutions such as banks will be just a waste of time because of the high percentage of failed applications. Do not fear, there are some other bad credit rating mortgage opportunities and you will surely be able to benefit from them as soon as you have a basic understanding of this area of the financial market.

Generally, lenders obtain your credit record from credit reference agencies. They used this information together with other custom application requirements in order to take a decision if to allow your bad credit rating mortgage application to be accepted or not. The three main agencies are Experian, Equifax and Callcredit. These agencies hold information on most UK consumers and when going for a bad credit rating mortgage it is highly advised that you first consult these agencies and request for complete reports in order to have a hands-on understanding and view on your current situation.

On the other hand, lenders will score your application using information such as your overall income and outgoings, your payment history and other debts, the length of your credit history, any other debts that you currently have, accounts opened, number of current applications for bad credit mortgage and also the number of times that your record has been accessed. For this reason it is important to limit the number of times that your credit reports are accessed and keep a high degree of caution when contracting a consultancy firm in this purpose so that they do not make the mistake of making your bad credit rating mortgage harder to reach then it already may be. If you do use bad credit repair services, you should ensure that you are given a copy of the “Consumer Credit File Rights Under State and Federal Law”, which the companies must give you by law.

In order to be able to contract a bad credit rating mortgage in the best conditions you will have to consider the improvement of your current credit rating. Using a few decent common steps you will be able to not only improve and fix your current credit rating but also maintain it for the future benefit. It is widely known and should be taken into consideration that the sub-prime lending market is very well developed currently. This means that there are some numerous chances to refinance a bad credit rating mortgage attempt, reason why you should never loose hope when going for this objective.

Some lenders often offer very good services in terms of bad credit rating mortgage. Such mortgages are widely known as sub-prime and when applying for a mortgage the lender will often also check your credit history. After this assessment your credit history will be ranked and some lenders may not offer you a bad credit rating mortgage, as already described, if you are on a very sensitive situation. If this is the case, you have to be aware of the fact that there are also a number of lenders that currently offer sub-prime mortgages, turning the dedicated research and time spent at finding the best offer a real value . Allocating a decent amount of time to the financial market research will help you to first better understand what you are dealing with so that you can then greatly improve your current situation using your own skills and knowledge because a custom solution is always better then a contracted one, even if a lot of attention, planning and dedication for this subject is required.

In some cases, you can obtain a better offer with a non-documented offer than you would with a bad credit rating mortgage. While going for this existing option you will also safe-guard your privacy as lenders will not have the right to document your credit history or current income status. For most people, a non-documented bad credit rating mortgage will be more expensive than a normal application that is taken thorough the entire process of improving your credit history and then contracting a better rated loan application.

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