How To Get A Car Loan With Bad Credit – Getting Bad Credit Car Loans Can Be Easier Than You Think

Bad credit car loans are hard to come around – do you think so? If yes, it is time to change it to a no. It is better you learn how to get a car loan with bad credit now so that you can drive away your car of choice.

How to get a car loan with bad credit – before you ask this question, rest assured that many different car dealerships and lending agencies do offer bad credit car loans. Do you want new car or pre owned car? When asked how to get a car loan with bad credit, most credit experts will suggest it is easier to get a bad credit car loan for a new car than it is for a used car. This is because a new car has more value than a used car and the lender likes to have higher value collateral – in this case, your car.

How to get a car loan with bad credit for used car? Used car dealerships in your city too offer loans. There are also lenders in your city, who like to lend you for your purchase of a used car.

Thus when you ask how to get a car loan with bad credit, you have many options to go for. An installment loan is what you get for a car loan. An installment loan is the loan that repay over a period of definite number of months with equal payments. A late payment attracts penalty too.

With different choice on a car loan, you can make an informed choice on the best interest rate. The dealerships want to push the cars off to customers and the lenders to want to enrich themselves by lending out to qualified customers while having something as collateral. A car – new or used – is a good collateral they would like to invest. Thus here you have the power to choose from the different loan products available.

How to get a car loan with bad credit – from dealership or lenders?

This can be a question that perplexes you while you are seeking how to get a car loan with bad credit. The fact is dealerships don’t really make big (if any) distinction between good credit and bad credit. The interest rates are more or less the same for both the loan seekers. If the dealership is too eager to sell the car off, the interest rates can slash to as low as 3%. This is great bargain and you can cling to such an offer – provided the loan fees and other expenses are acceptable by you.

Such loans are hard to come by and in normal cases you will be required to pay 9%-12% interest on your car loan. When looking for how to get a car loan with bad credit you can find regular lenders offering interest rates 7% to 10% for bad credit car loans. If the interest rate is favorable from the lender, go to the lender to get your car loan. If the dealership offers better rate, depend on the dealership to get the loan.

Then, while looking on how to get a car loan with bad credit, you need to look for the total expense that you will incur while repaying the loan amount. Also gauge the risk of penalty for late payment. Though it is advised to make payments on time, unforeseen things can happen and you may default a payment. The late payment fees shall not be very consuming.

Lastly your capabilities to repay the loan also should be a matter of concern when it comes to searching for how to get a car loan with bad credit. If you have mortgage loans and other loans, determine how much you can pay for the car. The total monthly expense on repaying your loans must be less than 40% of your monthly income. The loans can be of mortgage, car loan and other loans.

The loan period can be up to 72 months. You can choose to reduce the loan period to five years of three years. The shorter the loan term, the lower the interest rate will be. But you have to make higher monthly payments.

How to get a car loan with bad credit is not a big question as you thought - nah? The bigger question is how you are going to choose the right loan product and how you plan to pay off the loan while maintaining the lifestyle of your choice and while building on your credit scores.

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